Welcome to ArWrld

Melding Ethereum Blockchain, Augmented Reality,
and The Geolocated Earth


Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, ArWrld brings the ability to purchase properties on our Earth via Augmented Reality. Once purchased, you will be able to decorate or create experiences on it. The ArWrld economy will allow for buying and selling of properties, 3D models, experiences, and more.

ArWrld will launch on iOS and Android to start, with support for future devices like Magic Leap, rOS, and others to follow there after.

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New Frontiers


Create never before seen experiences on your properties. Or simply leave a message for friends and neighbors.


All new opportunities for a business to advertise or create Augmented Reality Experiences.


ArWrld economics allow for everyone to contribute. Improve properties to increase values, drive economy, and create experiences.


Ethereum Blockchain

Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, ArWrld uses an ERC20 compliant token. We believe Ethereum future plans enable great growth and scalability for ArWrld.

Augmented Reality

ArWrld will tap into the latest Augmented Reality technologies, including the like of ARKit on iOS and ARCore on Android. ArWrld will continue to expand to new platforms and technologies as they become available.


The ArWrld ecosystem will be backed with it's own economy. Opening new opportunities for create experience, driving innovation, and providing new asset classes.

Smart Contracts

The ArWrld Smart Contracts will enable validation of ownership and transactions of properties, 3D models, and other assets classes.


ArWrld is backed by the well known coordinate system of earth. These properties will also feature open source metadata and addressing to allow for a truly decentralized system. There will be multiple initial purchasing rounds of properties based on property type. Once completed, you will be able to buy and sell properties as you do in the real world. While initial prices will be based on ground level size, the space above your property is infinite.

Check out our Road Map and White Paper for more details.

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